Endowment Fund


As was stated in a 1995 WSSA newsletter, “promoting excellence in Weed Science continues to be the single purpose of the Endowment Fund”, and this has not changed in 2013. 

The original Fund began in 1973 with an unrestricted gift of $5000 from Monsanto. 

The Endowment Fund, as we know it today, received its first clear mandate from a generous donation and letter of sincere gratitude for the value of weed science from Dr. Roy J. Smith., Jr. in late 1985.

The Endowment Fund is set up to generate dividends and interest that are to be used to support awards and programs that encourage outstanding students to pursue academic training in weed science. 

In short, it is a plan to spread the ‘word’ of the value of weed science and to encourage overall excellence in the field. 

Currently, the Endowment Fund financially supports the “WSSA Undergraduate Research Award” which provides $1000 in partial support of weed science research conducted by undergraduates.

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