What is the WSSA?

A Non-Profit Professional Society Promoting Research, Education, and Awareness of Weeds in Managed and Natural Ecosystems. 

    The Weed Science Society of America was founded in 1956. The Society was established to encourage and promote the development of knowledge concerning weeds and their impact on the environment.

    The Weed Science Society of America, a non-profit professional society, promotes research, education, and extension outreach activities related to weeds; provides science-based information to the public and policy makers; and fosters awareness of weeds and their impacts on managed and natural ecosystems.

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Benefits of membership

Membership into the Weed Science Society of America comes with numerous benefits.  One main goal of the Society is the dissemination of peer reviewed scientific information.  This is accomplished through three peer reviewed journals, as well as a quarterly newsletter.  The Society employs a full time Director of Science Policy that provides information to Federal and Legislative contacts and is located in the Washington DC area.  The Society has an EPA liaison and a NIFA/ USDA Fellow to promote Weed Sciences and act as a Subject Matter Expert on related topics.  Press releases are disseminated throughout the year to promote the work of the Society and inform the public on relevant topics.  A full list of benefits is available on the membership page.

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